The Great Meat Feast 2018

Meat and more meat

20 September 2018 | Singapore

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just plain attracted to all things beef, The Great Meat Feast is an exciting thing. :)


After all, The Carvery's dinner-only buffet will be serving tender, juicy prime cuts prepared in different ways, some of which you probably haven’t tried before. If that’s the case, then this will be the perfect introduction – or simply an enjoyable way to familiarise yourself with prized meats and steaks from around the world.


I'm writing this as I thought it’d be a great treat for meat-loving friends and family, especially if you have a birthday or special occasion to celebrate. You don't have to plan a menu or think too much about where to eat. :) (And I've been dreaming of buffets a lot lately.) Here are just some of the dishes you can expect.

150 Days Grain-Fed Beef City Black

150 Days Grain-Fed Beef City Black from Australia


• Cattle are fed a special diet for at least 100 days

• This is the Black Angus Tomahawk cooked over hot coals on a wood-fired oven

Tajima Wagyu Beef

Tajima Wagyu from Australia

• Crossbred with Japanese Tajima cattle

• Grain-fed and put on a special diet for at least 400 days

• This is the Tri Tip “seared on a salt slab”

• Dip in or drizzle with Truffle Butter :)

There’s also the Yukimuro Snow-Aged Wagyu Beef from Japan (available only from Friday to Sunday) and the "free-roaming, grass-fed" Ana Paula Black Angus from Uruguay.


They’re great to eat on their own, but you can also choose to liven them up with butters, sauces and salts, such as Black Lava, Pink Himalayan, Maldon sea salt and Chili-infused salt.

There are starters, other meats, seafood, pasta and desserts too. Pair them with wine or whisky.

Tuck in! :)

The Great Meat Feast will be from 28 September to 21 October 2018, 6.30pm to 10pm, at The Carvery in Park Hotel Alexandra, Level 7, 323 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159972; tel: 65 6828 8880; email:


Prices range from S$78++ (Monday to Thursday) to S$88++ (Friday to Sunday) for adults, and S$38++ for kids (Monday to Sunday).

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