What to do on your lunch break

Let the music clear your mind

29 April 2018 | Hong Kong


Step out of the office or your house for lunch. You need it. You need to breathe. :)


You also need to eat and relax a bit. Why not bring your lunch to a chamber concert? In fact, Hong Kong Sinfonietta wants you to. Once a month on a Tuesday beginning in May, their artists will play soothing, moving classical pieces for free at the Hong Kong City Hall Foyer at 12:45pm. Think Claude Debussy’s "Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp” and Ludwig Van Beethoven’s “Piano Trio in C Minor, Op 1 No 3”, just to name a few.


The first show will be on 01 May; the next will be on 12 June, then 24 July, and so on until 19 March 2019. There's no need to register.


It’ll help take your mind off things. :)


For schedules and programme details, call 852 2836 3336 or visit https://hksl.org/concert/good-music-this-lunch-0501/.

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