Just write

I wish I followed these tips more often – especially #3 :)

27 May 2018

I’ve never written a book (maybe I can try soon); I’ve only written for magazines. But this is basically a summary of what I’ve done, and what I think I’ll continue to do, to get me going and at least see some results. :)


• It’s okay to not start from the beginning. You can write a chapter, an excerpt, or part of a scene that happens in the middle of your story. The process doesn’t have to be linear and straightforward.


• If you’ve only managed to write different sentences, try to organise them into paragraphs at the end. See if you can connect the dots and make one section of the story come to life.


• It’s possible to write as much as you can, and just look at the word count at the end. It might lessen your chances of getting frustrated. :)


• It’s good to wait a day or two before you look at the text again, and make changes. The time away might help clear your mind, and you can think about what you’ve written a little more objectively.


• Take a break from your laptop and that delete button. Use a pen and notebook instead.


Or you can simply do whatever works for you at that moment (you don’t have to follow a formula or habit if you don’t want to), and write. Just write! Don't wait. Someone out there will cheer you on and love what you've written. :)

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