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I love coming up with ideas for stories. If you need inspiration for your website and blog, or would like to build a narrative for your business, I want to hear from you – email me for a free trial. I can create a list, a plan or an outline for you.

When you want to make time

Theme #1: Morning


• Crazy morning? You can still be crazy-productive in just 5 minutes

• Maximise your morning (and evening) commute with this to-do list

• The three-minute habit that can do wonders for your morning

• Think you have a great morning routine? Here’s how to simplify it even further

• The one thing you shouldn’t forget to do the moment you wake up


Theme #2: Noon


• How to eat well (and still get personal stuff done) during lunch

• Easy lunchtime mind-and-body exercises you can do from your desk or outside the office

• The 5 errands worth finishing from 12 noon to 1 pm

• Why lunchtime is the best time to spend some “me” time

• What to do in the middle of the day to change the way you work in the afternoon


Theme #3: Night

• Three-ingredient dinners that taste like you made a lot of effort

• 5 meaningful things you can achieve before bedtime

• How to truly log off from work

• Activities that are really only worth doing at night

• Tired? These will perk you up in a snap

Lighting and light fixtures

Theme #1: Set the mood

• 5 desk lamps that actually inspire you to read, write, work and study

• Lighting tricks that will help you to relax

• Your garden and outdoor spaces need lights too – here are the best ones for different landscapes

• Transform your bathroom [or insert another room] into an oasis with lights

• Mimic me: Lights that are similar to natural light, or can recreate a moonlit night

Theme #2: Lighting as a design element

• 10 super-cool floor lamps that can elevate your space

• How to use lights and lamps as inspiration to decorate your home

• Mix and match: How arranging and grouping light fixtures can make a design statement

• Under the spotlight: Let your favourite artwork shine with the right lights

• Fancy that: The newest designs you need to get right now 

Food and travel

Theme #1: On a budget


• The food streets where you can eat so much and spend so little

• If you can only eat 5 dishes in [place], it should be these

• When to give up (or at least stretch) your travel food budget

• Group food tours at [place] that are worth your time and money

• Eat out for less: Buy these cheap, complete meals from [place]’s markets

Theme #2: Hidden gems

• 5 food tour guides on their favourite “secret” food alleys

• The most underrated dishes according to [place]’s food experts

• 10 ingredients that are unique to [place] that you can take home

• Amazing eateries and foods at [place] that haven’t been exposed to death… yet

• Don’t just follow the crowd: How to make great food discoveries on your own



Theme #3: Off on an adventure


• How to plan your day when your chosen restaurants are miles apart

• The “new” bizarre foods: Can you handle them?

• If you could introduce one food to a visitor or traveller, what would it be?

• “The meal that took me on a wild ride”

• [Place]’s food scene is spectacular, and so are the drinks


Theme #1: By the numbers

• Countdown to the 14th: Thoughtful gifts to give to your loved ones from February 1 to 14

• Not a chef? Here's a romantic 3-course meal that anyone can whip up at home

• 10 memorable things you can do this Valentine's that does not involve a date, dinner, a gift, flowers, and all that 

• The ultimate non-cheesy, 10-track playlist for Valentine's (or what about 20?)

• 5 crucial steps to organising the best Valentine's Day celebration ever

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