Father's Day treats

There are lots of ways to make your dad feel extra special

07 June 2018 | Singapore

These are just some of them. :)


I’ve seen really creative, expensive, and sentimental gifts, and you can of course do those. But these suggestions are a good start… and they work for a reason. Sometimes dads just want to spend time with their family over a good meal. Sometimes they just want time for themselves, period.


Anyway, you can always ask for their wish list. They’ll appreciate receiving the things they really want and have had their eye on for a while… like a gadget or a trip. :)


• Words are powerful, so telling him how much he means to you on paper will make a lasting impression.


• Instead of the usual cake, choose an ice cream cake. Swensen’s designs and flavours will appeal to the kids and grandkids, which is a plus. And seeing Mr Incredible (a cool superhero dad = your dad) gets the message across. Prices start at S$52 per kg; order at https://www.swensens.com.sg/disney-movie-designs.


• Crystal Jade’s “Tribute to Parents” promotion will end on 24 June 2018, so dad has time to choose between dishes like the Shrimp Paste Chicken “Bao-ger” (pictured; S$3.80 per piece, minimum 2 pieces) at Crystal Jade Kitchen, and the steamed chicken with cordyceps flower and black fungus in Chinese wine (S$18.80, half and S$36.80, whole) at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. https://www.crystaljade.com/

• If suckling pig and slow-cooked pork ribs are more his thing, and if you did end up treating dad to a HK holiday, then include La Rambla by Catalunya in your itinerary. Brunch is at HK$650 + 10%, while dinner for four is at HK$2,200 + 10%. Also dine on Spanish fare like paella, jamon and seafood with a view of the Victoria Harbour. http://larambla.hk/


• Lastly, your dad may love the idea of some time off, where he can just put up his feet and relax, with the children being thoughtful and doing stuff for him.


By the way, Father’s Day is on 17 June 2018. :)

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