Catching up with E! News' Erin Lim

08 November 2018 | Photos from @erinlimofficial

If Erin looks familiar, it’s because you may watched E! and E! News at some point. :)

I wrote about Erin for Smile magazine around three years ago, when she was just about to move back to LA from Singapore to become an E! News correspondent. I remember how excited she was while talking about it (even through email). If you read the article, it’ll come across – and I think you’d have felt just as excited as her, and for her, back then.

Erin Lim

Erin is also grateful for her time in Singapore, where she worked

as a presenter for E! News Asia, an actress and a commercial model

But things have changed for Erin – and how. Aside from her work for E! News, she’s also thriving as the host of E! News’ The Rundown on Snapchat, as well as other red-carpet events and shows.

“Every day is different, but it usually starts with me in a glam chair getting ready for the show I’m on for that day,” she relates.

“Three days of the week I shoot The Rundown. A few days I’ll do Live from E! on Facebook and YouTube. I might co-host E! News one of those days, and I’ll also have field shoots in between, whether it’s a red-carpet event like an awards show or a premiere, a junket or an exclusive interview.” 

Life updates

I’ve recently decided to try to reconnect with the people I’d written about, just to see how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to. My first attempt was with marine scientist and giant clam advocate, Dr Neo Mei Lin – her story is very inspiring. You might want to check it out too.


Erin is my second, and I was able to get in touch with her amidst her busy schedule. (Thanks, Erin.) :)


First off, she says she still gets to travel for work and play. (In the above article, she revealed her favourite spots in Asia, plus her top travel tips and experiences. If you need suggestions on where to go and what do, consider her picks.) “It’s only November, and I’ve already maxed out my vacation days because I’ve travelled so much this year,” she admits.


Second, starting a new chapter at E! in LA was everything she’d hoped it would be. “It was beyond everything I expected,” she recalls.


“I don’t think there is ever a way to fully prepare yourself for your dream job! I never would have expected to be a host of a Snapchat Discover show. Three years ago that didn’t exist, and it’s now one of the longest-running and most successful shows on the platform. It has garnered millions of views that I’ve received accolades for. Really proud of that.


“I also never would have expected that I would be able to co-host E! News on the network side alongside Jason Kennedy, or work next to my idol, Giuliana Rancic.”


5 to remember 

Speaking of Giuliana, Erin has been making lots of memories, and Giuliana figures in one of Erin’s five most memorable moments so far. If you want to know what Erin’s life is like, and what might happen if you try to follow in her footsteps (or at least when you follow her on social media), these could give you an idea:


#1 “My first day on the job, when I appeared on E! and national television for the first time. I cried when Giuliana said my name.”

#2 “When I was named the host of The Rundown.”

#3 “Appearing on NBC’s Today Show.”

#4 “On the personal side, getting baptised this summer.”

#5 “Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

2 to inspire

Erin’s doing so well under the spotlight, and in the process has also come to realise a couple of things. Do these lessons motivate you and resonate with you too?


#1 “I’ve learnt that being a ‘yes woman’ really does lead to big opportunities, and that we should always be open to new ideas and people – because you never know where it will lead you.”


And then…


#2 “I’ve learnt that who you are is more important than what you accomplish.”


They're worth keeping in mind. :) I’m glad to discover that the people I’ve come across and written about at some point, like Erin, are doing great.


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