How to eat a burger

Get chomping 

17 May 2018 | Singapore


That's not all. Alex adds that you’ll enjoy your burger even more when:

• You have the right sides. At VeganBurg, he dips his coconut fries on chendol ice cream “for flavour and fun”.

• You have it with lettuce instead of a bun, especially if you’re counting carbs.

• You pile on more ingredients. He recommends their vegan bacon and cheese. :)

If you haven’t had a plant-based burger before – and are looking forward to trying one – you can’t go wrong with the Rasa Sayang Burg.

It has a lot going for it: Introduced in time for and to celebrate Hari Raya, it’s a recipe that will only be available for two months beginning 15 May 2018. It includes a chik’n wheat protein patty; cucumber, onions and lettuce; kampong sambal sauce and vegan aioli sauce; and a wholemeal bun.

What makes it even more special is it boasts Singapore’s first vegan sunny-side-up egg on a burger. :)

You can order the Rasa Sayang Burg online for pick-up, or have it delivered. It’s at S$12.90 a la carte; add S$6.90 to make it a set meal with coconut fries and a rose bandung drink, plus S$5.90 for the chendol ice cream.

VeganBurg is at 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502; tel: 65 6844 6868.

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