De-stressing exercises

Like a mini workout

13 June 2018 | Singapore

The great thing about Brandon’s tips is you can do them at home or somewhere private, on your own or with your family and friends. :)

But if you want to graduate to more creative forms of stretching, dancing and flexing, you can get a lot of ideas from Brandon and the other artists performing at the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival 2018. Brandon's part of the shows “EARTH” at the Esplanade Theatre Studio (15-16 June 2018), and “Dance at Dusk” at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (22-24 June 2018).


(Just take note that Brandon has been dancing since he was a kid, won a gold medal at the Asia Youth Dance Festival 2013, and has been with T.H.E Dance Company since 2015 – so be careful if you really want to mimic the moves and are not used to it.)

The choreography can be described as passionate, compelling, energetic, fluid and dynamic. It’ll inspire you to move to the beat of your own drum. :)

Check out the festival’s line-up of shows and events till

05 August 2018 if you want to see more of contemporary dance. Now on its 9th edition, the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival 2018 is presented by T.H.E Dance Company and features incredible local talent, and both new and existing international partners and programme collaborators.


PS If you want to know which dance move Brandon does when he’s happy, it’s the box step. Try it. :)

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