Cool home gadgets

At least I think they're very useful, and sleek too :) 

14 May 2018


Are you always on the lookout for gadgets and other innovations for your future abode – ones that’ll save you time, space and money? Then you're like me. :) I want those that I don’t need to power up with electricity either.


Which is why I’m dreaming of buying these. You might like them too. 


1. The Yirego Drumi washing machine is great for small spaces, and if you don’t want to use/waste a lot of water for your laundry. You can wash up to 2kg of clothes in about five minutes while giving your feet a good workout. 


2. The ZeroWater pitcher filters your water in five stages – helping to remove dissolved solids and reduce lead – so that it becomes clean and refreshing to drink.


3. The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop is for the lazy me who doesn’t always feel like chopping and slicing her fruits and veggies. I just have to pull and the blades will do the job for me.


4. A solar panel (or panels) fit for a tiny house – I’m still trying to decide. I want one that’s quick to set up and easy to use and maintain. :)

I am open to more suggestions. :)

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