You deserve it :)

10 July 2018 | Singapore

I love cookies. (Obviously.) I especially love the big, chunky and chewy kind. No scrimping on the chocolate, please.

Ben’s Cookies is a favourite. The one pictured here is from Starbucks, though, as it’s the only one I can get at the moment. :)


I think I first tasted Ben’s Cookies in Oxford. I also saw an outlet in Dubai. Thankfully we don’t have to travel far to get our fix – there’s an outlet at Wisma Atria.


Anyway, I came up with this post because I saw a cooking show and they were baking cookies. So of course I had to buy some the next day. They always make me feel so much better… especially when things aren’t going my way and gggrrrrr. :)


(Too bad I can’t have them all the time. But maybe that’s all for the best, because if I did, I’d be eating them a lot.)


Just… treat yourself to one today. With everything that's been going on, something tells me some of us need it. :)

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