Gerard Poulard

How to choose your cheese

06 April 2018 | Singapore


Meet Gerard Poulard, France’s official cheese ambassador. He recently held a cheese masterclass at Hotel G Singapore’s Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar. :)


On top of his cheese-platter tips, he also tells us that he picks his cheese based on his mood – and the season.


“For example, if it is a beautiful Spring day, I would choose an elegant and smooth goat’s cheese. In the evening, when I am enjoying a glass of red wine, I would go for a stronger cheese like a creamy and buttery cow’s milk, or a salty and powerful blue,” he relates.


“Seasonality is very important," he adds. "The producers care deeply for the welfare of their animals. In Springtime, goats are at their happiest and healthiest as they’re outside eating grass, so this is the right time for the producer to make his product, and for us to enjoy it.”


It's something to think about for your next dinner party or cheese tasting session. :)

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