How to celebrate your birth month

You can go beyond 30 days

05 June 2018

If you’re feeling up to it. :) Why stop? It can be a fun and eye-opening experience.


Here’s more:


1. Have your portrait sketched/drawn/painted.

2. Have an elaborate cake made. Go crazy with the design, the tiers, and the flavours. It’s for you, but you can share it if you want to. :)

3. Speaking of sharing, share your blessings. 

4. You don’t necessarily have to buy a plane ticket and travel far. There are probably cities and towns nearby that you haven’t been to.

5. Write a short story about yourself. (I always manage to come up with something related to writing.) Read it a year from now.

6. Foster a dog.


Can you think of more? When you do, it’ll give you something to look forward to. :)

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